Lavender Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil
Lavender Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil 

Lavender Essential Oil 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted Oil

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What is lavender oil? – Lavender oil is extracted from the plant of the lavender. Due to its amazing fragrance, since the ancient period of times this essential oil is widely used in the formulation of exotic perfumes. It is also known due to the therapeutic properties added with the use of it.

Process of extraction – Pure lavender oil is obtained by adopting the steam distillation process as it is considered as one of the natural process of extraction which helps in retaining the beneficial properties of this essential oil. The pure oil thus obtained has refreshing fragrance.


Mosquitoes and insects bites – Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the lavender oil it also helps to treat the mosquito and insect bites and reduces the pain.

Insomnia – It also helps to treat the problems like insomnia. When the few drops of the lavender essential oil is placed on the pillow during the night time then it works effectively in increasing the hours of sleeping of the patient. It can easily replace the modern sleeping peels.

Nervous system – Lavender oil helps to heal the various mind related problems such as stress, exhaustion, headache and various other such kinds of problems. It also increasing the working ability of the mind by eliminating mind related problems.

Acne – With the regular of the lavender essential oil problems related to acne can be easily dispelled. It works as a wonder in removing acne which is a major problem among the youths and teenagers.

Reduces scarring – It also helps in reducing the signs of the scars after the application of the essential oil. Due to which it is also used in various lotions and creams.

Pain relief – If a person is suffering from any kind of muscular pain then regular massage with this essential oil will work effectively in eliminating such kind of problems. It helps to heal pain caused by sores, muscular aches, tense muscles, sprains, lumbago, backache and rheumatism.

Urine flow – Due to its stimulating effect on urine production helps to treat the urine disorders.

Hormone balance – It also works effectively in balancing the hormones.

Respiratory disorders – Various respiratory disorders can be easily treated with the proper application of this essential oil.

Cough and cold – It helps to cure the problems related to cold and cough.

Asthma – Person suffering from asthma can also treat their disease with the regular application of lavender essential oil.

Removes toxins – Lavender oil works greatly in eliminating the toxic and unwanted materials from the body.

Removes lice – Lavender oil works effectively in eliminating the major problems of hair such as lice, lice eggs and nits.

Promotes hair growth – By dispelling the problem related to hair fall it also works effectively in promoting the growth of the hair.

Cancer – Breast cancer possibilities can be easily eliminated with the proper usage of this essential oil. During the breast cancer it could easily get applied over the affected area.

Blood circulations – It also works greatly in promoting the blood circulation to each and every parts of the body. It helps to keep the blood pressure lower and it is often used during the hypertensions. Due to the great blood circulation each and every organ of the body would show positive results.

Digestion – It promotes the production of gastric juices and bile to improve the digestive system.

Diarrhoea – Vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pain and various other such kind of stomach problems can also be treated with the right usage of this essential oil.

Immunity – It improves the working ability of the immune system to fight against the various diseases.

Skin care – Various skin burns, cuts and wounds can also be healed with the usage of this essential oil.

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